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For our second collection, we wanted to highlight the aesthetics and values of FAOS in collaboration with the acclaimed Illustration Artist Antonia Iroidou. The artist curated a unique work inspired by the shared values of both of us, for harmony in the different aspects of people. The project in question will accompany and decorate every packaging of our sunglasses for 2024 in a unique, environmentally friendly way. In addition, numbered and signed by the artist, posters will be available for sale, the proceeds of which will be donated to charity at the end of the year.

Ms. Antonia Iroidou

The Artist

Ms. Iroidou is a distinguished illustrator artist, drawing inspiration from history, everyday images, emotions, the need to express human stories and experiences, and the pure soul of children. Her vision is for an ideal world through dreams and imagination. She has worked with various prominent organizations and her work is hosted in a historic Art Gallery at Kolonaki neighborhood, in the heart of Athens.




Looking at a color palette, a bit of sky and the living emotions that walk every day on millions of different roads, man is clearly visible. In the mixture of the aesthetic complexion and the linguistic falsettos, the diverse beauty of man resonates transparently. It is an artistic appeal, the lines of our hands and an unprecedented rhythm, which push us to embrace and love the “different”. To be enchanted by the priceless orchestra of stories conducted with respect, creating a unity of wondrous contrasts, harmoniously coexisting just like the infallible wisdom of nature. In the qualitative dance of different voices, in each unique narrative, we are invited to see the human being. This love for the diverse essence of the world we must support, like a natural momentum of random geographic seeds and thunderous associations, for a world that with united hands will hold the sail of our lives.

- Antonia Iroidou


This wonderful piece of art is printed in high quality sunglasses cleaning cloths and will accompany your sunglasses for 2024 collection. It is printed in 18 x 13cm dimensions so you can easily frame and decorate your library or office.


If you really liked this collaboration, you can buy it as a poster and back our cause. We've produced 50 signed and numbered posters of this artwork on top-quality paper, with sales proceeds benefiting charity.