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We believe it is necessary for everyone to be educated on how the products we buy are made. This includes not only where the production takes place but also where the resources come from and how they are handled. That is why Faos’ production line takes measures to minimize the environmental footprint of the process.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”– Robert Swan, Author

Our energy mix

To begin with, we use as much renewable energy as possible. The machinery and the entire electrical input mix of the factory plant are powered with up to 60% renewable energy from the sun, which is also what our sunglasses protect us from.

Certified Processes

During production, all processes adhere to international standards for environmentally friendly waste management, as dictated by ISO 14001:2015. Being certified as such, we do our best to avoid polluting the environment by reducing waste and conserving energy. Additionally, our products are controlled according to ISO 9001:2015 directives throughout the stages of production to ensure the end result meets the quality standards our name stands for.

Not just us

However, in order to deliver a pair of sunglasses that meets our qualitative and eco-conscious standards, we must ensure that not only we but also our ecosystem of suppliers are aligned with these practices. To achieve that, we only work with raw materials factories that implement similar practices and hold various relevant certifications.


This is why our award-winning packaging, which we are very proud of, couldn’t be allowed to come with a heavy toll on forests. The high-quality paper we use is a mix of responsible sources, as certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) C156708 standards. On top of that, the packaging factory uses a significant mix of renewable energy as well, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions we have already achieved.


Last but not least, all cleaning cloths are made by upcycling plastic water bottles collected from the world’s oceans. In this way, we always remind you how you helped to clean up a tiny bit of ocean plastic waste by buying your new pair of sunglasses.

Browse among our various options and buy online, or try in-store, your new favorite handmade Faos sunglasses so you can always have a ray of sunlight with you, wherever you are.