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The Concept

What is Greece without its sunlight?

And what is this blessed sunlight without sunglasses? These are the questions we have been pondering for more than 30 years in the industry. In the summer of 2022, we decided to fill that need by creating Faos, the aspiring most creative and colorful Greek sunglass brand.

Who are we?

Faos is a brand proudly owned by AG Vision S.A., the parent company of AvramisOptics. Our store was founded by Mr. Giannis Avramis at 7 Ermou St. in Syntagma, Athens back in 2005, after ten years of experience as a buyer in the industry. In 2013, he and his son, Mr. George Avramis, joined forces and worked together on expanding the store's presence. After attending optical fairs together for ten years, they decided to try something new: to prove to the world that Greek opticians are not only good at selling branded sunglasses to meet the need for protection from the harsh summer sunlight but are also creative enough to make this sunlight travel around the world.


That is why FAOS designs and makes all of its products in Greece, not only to boost the local economy but also to ensure that all the deliverables—the box, the case, and the cloth—capture the Greek lifestyle as much as possible. We started by naming our first collections after our worldwide known and beloved islands.

But the connection isn’t just that.

The lifestyle, architectural philosophy, and colors of each island directly inspire the shape and color palette of each model. For instance, one of our first models, Icaria, was shaped in such a way that the front end tips were boldly sharp to resemble the wings of Icarus, the mythical figure whose wings made of wax melted when he tried to fly to the sun. Moreover, Mykonos was the inspiration for our gender-less shape—a model that fits both young and old and offers the greatest variety of colors, as well as light-tinted lenses for sunset and dawn parties.

So then why “Faos”?

The connection is clear and coherent. Faos is how light was referred to in ancient times. The sun is one of Greece's most famous aspects, and its “Faos” is the element that creates beauty out of everything it touches. From historical heritage to crystal seas, everything shines brighter under the Mediterranean sun.

Our sunglasses serve a purpose:

To bring the Greek sunlight across the world

This would never be possible with cheap and disposable products. We take production seriously, using high-quality standards, raw materials, and processes to create a pair that rivals the highest-end brands. Our acetate is made in Italy, the lenses are made by Carl Zeiss Vision, and the production is handled by handcrafted technicians in Greece. On top of that, every pair comes with our signature, award-winning packaging to help you take better care of your sunglasses and bring your best memories of Greece to all corners of the globe.

Our proof of sustainability

We believe everyone should know how the products we buy are made, including production locations and resource origins. That’s why Faos minimizes its environmental footprint. To meet our eco-conscious standards, we ensure our suppliers follow similar practices and hold relevant certifications. Our award-winning packaging uses high-quality, FSC-certified paper and renewable energy, reducing CO2 emissions. Additionally, our cleaning cloths are made from upcycled plastic bottles collected from oceans, reminding you that buying our sunglasses helps reduce ocean plastic waste.


The machinery and the electrical input mix of the factory plant are powered with up to 60% renewable energy from the sun.

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All processes adhere to international standards for environmentally friendly waste management, as dictated by ISO 14001:2015

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In this way, we always remind you how you helped to clean up a tiny bit of ocean plastic waste by buying your new pair of sunglasses.

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Browse among our various options and buy online, or try in-store, your new favorite handmade Faos sunglasses so you can always have a ray of sunlight with you, wherever you are.