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Article: Faos @ Times Square, NYC

Faos Sunglasses at Times Square, Manhattan, NYC
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Faos @ Times Square, NYC

It's May 2024, and we are on cloud nine! Our wonderful video, shot in the vibrant and historic downtown Athens, was showcased in one of the most iconic and bustling locations on earth: Times Square in Manhattan, NYC.

The experience of seeing our work displayed in such a high-profile spot is nothing short of exhilarating. We're stoked to be featured as a brand and share our sunglasses vibes with over 200,000 people daily, each one a potential ambassador of our sunny mission.

This incredible exposure not only amplifies our message but also unites us with a diverse and dynamic audience from all corners of the world. What a way to spread our sunny mission across the globe! It’s truly a testament to our hard work and passion, demonstrating our commitment to bringing joy and style to people's lives everywhere.

Talk about spreading sunny vibes worldwide!