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Article: The sunglasses brand that glorifies the sunshine of Greece

The sunglasses brand that glorifies the sunshine of Greece

The sunglasses brand that glorifies the sunshine of Greece

Vision and values

All FAOS sunglasses are handmade, produced entirely in Greece and aim not only to stimulate the local economy but also to embody the Greek way of life in the glasses and packaging that will travel around the world.

Furthermore, the FAOS brand is practically in favor of the transition to a more eco-friendly fashion and for this reason it is in collaboration with manufacturers who produce responsibly, with respect for the environment, recycle their industrial waste and use less energy in their production processes.



Top quality

All hinges are quintuple, offering up to 40% more robustness in use than their counterparts on the market. Each pair of FAOS glasses comes with a two-year warranty, which proves the company's faith in the materials and manufacturing methods of the product.

All FAOS sunglasses are bone-frame, produced from 100% premium Italian and French pastes with time-tested resistance and no risk of discoloration, while the lenses are manufactured by Zeiss' internationally recognized and leading factories. Inspired by the rare beauty of our country, FAOS sunglasses embody elements from various places, externalizing them through design, colors and product naming. The first seven models of this year's collection have an island feel: Mykonos, Santorini, Syros, Ikaria, Crete, Milos and Corfu.


The packaging

Along with each pair of FAOS sunglasses, the consumer gets a special brand bag, box, case and cloth. The protective case of the glasses is made of eco friendly leather, while the cleaning cloths are made of recycled plastic bottles collected from the sea. Also, the outside of the bag and box is decorated with the Orphic hymn to light, in English and Greek. You will find FAOS sunglasses in more than twenty selected optical stores in major Greek cities and islands as well as in great concept stores in Munich and Abu Dhabi.

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