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Article: The most sophisticated glasses to wear this spring

The most sophisticated glasses to wear this spring

The most sophisticated glasses to wear this spring

Fresh colours, sophisticated frames and quality lenses add cool character to every look. With sunny days proliferating on the calendar and spring embracing the city, we feel the urge to meaningfully take down our sunglasses like other rock stars and walk in style. Inspired by the eternal light of the Greek summer, the up-and-coming brand Faos is a must-destination to refresh our collection with the coolest and most stylish sunglasses, offering a wide range of options for every style that stand out for their quality.

This year we find in the new arrivals romantic milky frames in pastel or warm neutral colours as well as transparent crystal designs that match any outfit and offer discreet protection. The collection's light-coloured lenses are the perfect alternative to classic dark glasses, revealing our eyes and making us see the world with sepia tones.

For those times when we're looking for a pair of pressed glasses, the striking tartan frames will add a vintage touch to our looks, while the 18-carat gold-plated metal elements add subtle shine and "wink" to the quiet luxury trend. In addition to sophisticated designs and ample options, Faos glasses put us on the spot when it comes to quality and safety, with fivefold sunglasses that offer up to 40% more robustness than the widespread triple ones on the market and good lenses manufactured in the internationally renowned and leading Carl Zeiss Vision factories.

In fact, this year's purchase may come with an artistic twist. For its second collection, the brand has collaborated with acclaimed illustration artist Antonia Herodou and, based on the shared values and aesthetics of both, has curated a unique piece of artwork on the theme of harmony in the different aspects of people.

With beautiful colours and the illustrator's signature shapes, the project will decorate every Faos eyewear packaging for 2024 in an environmentally friendly way. In addition, numbered posters signed by the artist will be available for sale and the proceeds will be donated to charity at the end of the year.